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Engineering Services

We provide experienced Solid Control engineers, Mechanic, Chief mechanic, Electrician, Chief Electrician, pusher, Roustabout, Asst Subsea Mechanic, Welder, Rigger, Painter, Scaffolder for oilfield job for short and long term basis

Oilfield Hoses - Make Parker & Indigeneous 

 All type of parker & indigenous oilfield hoses customized hoses of various equipment with end fittings as per oilfield specification or OEM standard.


High Performance Gear Oil for Top Drive

• Thread Compounds for Drill Pipe

• Valve Creases for Wide Operating Temp

• Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant for Thruster

• Synthetic Grease for Shule Shaker & Centrifuges

• Lubricants for Deck Cranes

• Wire Rope Lubricant

• Greases for Winches & many more


Automated mud cleaning products

 High Pressure Washing Unit


Our filtration offering for oil & gas industry includes

• Duplex Cartridge / Bag Combination Filtration Unit with bags or Cartridges

• Dual Vessil Skad with Cartridge Filter

• Dual Vessel Skid with Multi Bag Filter

• Filter bag Type non woven with Polypropylene collar, MOC: Polypropylene or Glassfibre, Filter Rating 25/50/100 Microns Nominal

• Cartridge Filters Type: Single Open End pleated, MOC: Polypropylene or Glassfibre Filter Rating: 2 & 10 micron absolute

• Diatomaceous Earth Bags for Filter Press

• Viledon Fiber Roll

• Thruster Filter (make Parker)

• Hydraulic Pressure Filter


Ropes & Hawsers

  We offer complete range of ropes in polypropylene, nylon, sisal marine & wire ropes. Also offer made to order ropes products like: Gangway nets, Cargo nets, Heli-deck nets, wire rope slings, stretcher for towing. RIGGING EQUIPMENTS & GENERAL DECK ITEMS

• We offer complete range of lifting & pulling gears, chain blocks, lifting & pulling machines, anchor chain & accessories, swivels, Bull dog grips, chain binders, wire rope slings & ratcheting straps. Painting equipment and accessories.


Pipe and pipe fittings

• Full range of stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, mild steel and high pressure fittings 3000 to 12000 psi.

• All types of bolts, muts, studs, washers in various materials, special cadmium coating. Teflon coating, Black and colored products, Brass, stainless steel, copper-rods, gaskets, sheets, pipes, hex rods, Lead-sheet, anode



Control and measurement devices

 Sensors, control panels, switches, etc. manufactured by Omron/Siemens. Miscellaneous Products- Rigging equipment, hand tools, safety Equipment, all types of centrifugal pumps, electric motor, CCTV camera, Marine safety electronic equipment, Marine VHF radio telephone.


Miscellaneous Products

• All other products like- O-rings. Parker make filters or indigenous filter, Screw Conveyor, WD-40, Silicon, Grease, Cartridges, all types of bearings, hydraulic hoses, fabrication materials, all types of nut-bolts and washers, welding and gas cutting materials. Camp locks fittings, hydraulic hose fittings, all sizes of gland packing, pressure gauges, all types of pump flanges etc.

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